A Note From the Founders

As mothers of dyslexic children, we understand how frustrating this particular learning difference can be for students. These very bright children just cannot keep up in a standard classroom. Language and reading are quite difficult. They often feel alienated from other students and begin to doubt their own intelligence. Their self esteems are damaged. They begin to dread school and dislike the educational process. As a result, learning stops.

Parents suffer along side their children. They reach out to educators but are unaware of what to suggest. They understand their child’s pain but don’t know how to help. We have sat in parent-teacher conferences and heard that classes are just too large to give the attention that would be required to reach our children. Although different techniques have proven to be effective for dyslexics, teachers simply cannot take the time away from the whole class to be able to teach differently to one or two students.

We have been blessed to experience the results of having our children in academic institutions designed specifically for dyslexic students in Dallas, Austin and now Longview. We have seen our children astounded by their own progress and have witnessed their self confidence return. There is simply no other choice we would make for our sons, and we want to bring the same opportunities to other students in East Texas. In January of 2011, we officially formed Austen-Coley Academy.

With class sizes limited to 6 to 8 children, teachers are able to spend the time needed to reach their students. Our teachers are professionals who have taught to learning different populations and know the proper techniques in teaching to these kids. They realize the potential and work each day to unlock it. We could not be any more pleased for our sons, and we want to share our blessings with you.

Laurie Radigk and Carla Matthews