The Admissions Process

Austen-Coley Academy embraces the diversity of dyslexic students and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.

Part One:
Application Forms

If you are interested in submitting the application, the following forms must be completed.

  • Confidential Roster Information and Waiver (parents to complete)
  • Teacher Evaluation Form (current or most recent teacher to complete)
  • Student Information Form (parents to complete)

These forms are available for download below.

The following items must also accompany the forms:

  • Recent photograph of student
  • Copies of any dyslexic testing that has been conducted in the last three years
  • Copies of any psycho-educational assessment by a licensed professional

Part Two:
Dyslexic Screening

  • A dyslexic screening, performed by one of our dyslexic specialists, must be performed on all students entering Austen-Coley Academy.
  • This screening is done at the school and will take roughly 2 hours.
  • This screening will help our Admissions Committee evaluate your child's specific dyslexic needs.
  • The results of the screening will be provided and explained to the parents.
  • The cost of the screening is $350 and is a one-time fee. (check payable to Austen-Coley Academy)

Please mail forms, photograph, testing and fee to:
Austen-Coley Academy,
Attention: Admissions
1237 Pegues Place, Longview, TX 75601

Part Three:
Class Visit

  • Each prospective student will be required to attend a portion of the class in which he or she would be recommended for placement.
  • This attendance will be arranged by the teacher and Admissions Committee.

Part Four:
Notification of a Decision

  • The Admissions Committee will review the application forms, testing, Austen-Coley Dyslexic Screening and classroom visit feedback to make a final decision on placement within the school.
  • You will be notified by phone and by mail of the Admissions Committee's decision.

  • Upon acceptance, a contract and enrollment forms will be provided.
  • To secure your child's placement, all forms must be completed and returned.

(Please note that the Admissions Committee will not review incomplete application files.)